ValueMags and Public Transit

ValueMags and Public Transit

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ValueMags is a company that cares very much about their employees and their safety in and out of the office. Their safety is always their concern when they come to and from the office, on vacation, during leave, that of their families, and everything or one that they cherish. However, it is concerning for a family oriented family to hear that someone in their community got hit by a bus or hit by something that could have been prevented. The magazine distribution and marketing company is turning to the city to take better measures in relation to their bus drivers and metro operators.

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Often times, the subway accelerates too quickly or hults quickly. It is likely that the subway drivers are too aggressive. Although they are on a time schedule for a downtown Chicago service, ValueMags wants them to understand that they have innocent citizens on those modes of transport. Among those citizens, Amy Kaplin was crossing the road on her turn and a bus drove by driving over her feet. Regardless of if she had the right of way or not, any pedestrian has the right of way at all times. Drivers tend to feel entitled but that attitude can and has put individual’s lives in danger. She now has a permanent disability after suffering far too many injuries to her feet. There was a settlement of 6 million dollars for the incident and the driver was revoked of his bus license for an undetermined period of time.

ValueMags employees that use public transport say that it is mostly a benefit. However, there are times where public transport is a burden and scary. The Illinois public transport Minister should take more effective measures of securing those that take public transport and increasing the penalties for reckless driving; whether it is a public transport driver or an everyday citizen driver. Impatience is not tolerable on the road. Vehicles should be used for efficiency rather than an anger outlet.

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