Understand the Most Popular Lavender Oil Uses

Understand the Most Popular Lavender Oil Uses

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We find the denomination for the word lavender in Latin, lavare – to wash. This archaic interpretation of the plant sums up its benefits rather well. It can be used to treat a vast range of health issues and is credited as the most popular essential oil in the western world. The roots of its usage span back over centuries at least, the most historic legible accounts from Roman and Egyptian scripture, though it’s use has been dated back as far as the ancient Mayan era, eluding to its usage over thousands of years. It’s amazing to think a plant could stand the test of time where so much of ancient culture has been lost and forgotten. But lavender has dominated the globe. Claiming almost every kind of terrain for its home, this resilient little shrub has sprung up on every continent.

The most common use of lavender oil is as a psyche soothing aid, its scent is a powerful natural calming aid. It can be heated to fill an indoor space to create a balanced and calming atmosphere, used in cooking to be naturally ingested and rubbed into the skin as a perfume, as it was used centuries ago. There are numerous additional benefits of using lavender oil directly on the skin. It is a fantastic purifier and its relieving properties make it ideal for helping skin irritations, a must for parent with young children as you need to be wary of using chemical creams and ointments on sensitive skin.

Furthermore, if you suffer from dry, uneven or irritable skin, lavender oil can aid in balancing these symptoms and it is an ingredient included in many creams available on the market today. It has been proven to help in reducing skin issues as a more natural remedy option.

Lavender oils calming properties are well harnessed as a sleeping aid. Only a few drops of the oil on your pillow at night can help you fall asleep to attain more rest. R.E.M. sleep is particularly important and many people who suffer from tiredness despite hitting their recommended sleeping hours per night, are not getting enough R.E.M. sleep.

The best thing about lavender oil uses as an alternative is that it is natural! Some chemical health solutions bought to help health problems scan lead to an unhealthy dependency on them because of their high chemical content. These products also contain toxins and chemicals which can lead to further medical issues.

Lavender oil is inexpensive and can be used as little or as often as necessary. You don’t need to see a doctor and it is easily attainable. The health benefits are huge and in the majority of cases they are at no risk to the user. Lavender is an organically grown, renewable product which is inexpensive and easy to use to suite your needs. See to find out more about the health benefits of lavender oil and how it could change your life for the better.

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