Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction (ED), which is the inability of a man to achieve or maintain an erection for optimum sexual performance, remains a prominent sexual problem. The condition, which normally comes with age but can be seen in men that are not too old, has become a source of embarrassment to so many men.

Treatment of ED

There are so many myths surrounding erectile dysfunction and as such, there are different approaches adopted by many in the management of the condition. Proper management, however, will depend on the nature and cause (s) of the problem in each patient. Men with the condition should first of all be properly evaluated to ascertain any underlying physical or psychological condition. This will serve as the basis for treatment.

Based on the cause(s) of the condition, some treatment options available for patients with ED include prescription medication, self-care, erectile dysfunction pumps, specialist-care, surgery, and natural remedy.

  • Prescription medication

This is the most common method of treating erectile dysfunction. This is widely applicable in cases where the root cause of the problem is of physical nature. In an instance where blood vessels that supply blood to the penis are not functioning well, Vasodilator can be used to widen the blood vessels in order to correct the condition. Hormone therapy is another way of handling the condition.

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  • Self-care

This option works for both physical and psychological causes of erectile dysfunction. It may include physical exercises that will help to improve cardiovascular health. Also, changing dome damaging lifestyle like smoking and drug abuse is part of the self-care method of handling the condition.

  • Erection dysfunction pump

This is another management option for ED. It involves the use of pumps to achieve and maintain erection. It works by drawing blood into the penis through air suction. It can be used in combination of other lasting ED treatment options.

  • Specialist-care

This involves using experts to treat the root causes of the problems. Urologist will be consulted to treat a urinary tract infection, a psychiatrist will handle mental imbalance etc.

  • Alternative method

Finally, there are other alternative methods of handling ED of which Kamagra is one option. The medication contains same active ingredient (sildenafil citrate) as Viagra.

  • Surgery

There are surgical procedures that can be used in treating erectile dysfunction, but on rare occasions. It is effective for ED of physical nature.

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