The Travel Pillow with a Hole.

The Travel Pillow with a Hole.

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A hole in a pillow?

For most of us there is little reason to sleep on a pillow with a hole. Little reason, that is, until it is too late and we realise we need one. The reason for this may surprise you, and is undoubtedly something you will have given little thought to forthis is a medical issue which is only now starting to get attention because of our aging population.

Medical science is starting to learn that pillows are the primary factor in creating ear pressure sores – a common complaint that is little discussed but to which, since we all use pillows, we are all potentially subject.

In our younger years this isn’t so much of a problem. However, as we age our skin becomes less resilient to damage. It may seem minor but the friction and pressure of a pillow rubbing against your ear causes enough damage over time to form a pressure sore. Ear pressure sores are particularly troublesome because to heal a pressure sore you need two things; time and a cessation of pressure. Yet we all need to sleep and we all use a pillow. Therefore, the ear never gets a break and never gets a chance to deal.

The Original Pillow with a Hole.

As ear pressure sores have hitherto been an unmet medical need, the pillow with a hole was created. Up until now the only treatment for such pressure sores has been creams and ointments. These are quite effective, however, as previously mentioned, despite the good work such treatments do during the day, this will always be undone in the evening when we lay our heads on a pillow.

The pillow with a hole works by removing the source of friction and pressure from your ear even when you sleep. The concept is simple. It is a pillow – with a hole in it. This straightforward yet ingenious invention gives you a comfortable night’s sleep whilst also giving your ear the time it needs to heal itself.

These pillows are remarkably effective. Whereas with conventional treatment it may take several months until the sore is resolved, through this ingenious invention it takes only a few weeks.

They are also effective as a preventative measure or if you find you need to sleep with earphones or earplugs.

The Travel Pillow with a Hole.

The Travel Pillow with a Hole is the latest addition to the Pillow with a hole stable. They are designed for portability for those times when you find yourself away from home. They are made from a slightly more robust cotton so they can withstand the rigours of travel and are an unconventional design. Compact, comfortable and effective.

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