Testesterone-1 can be helpful for increased metabolism

Testesterone-1 can be helpful for increased metabolism

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T-1 has a potential to increase muscle strength and encourage improved metabolism. The anabolic steroid is very popular among the body-building enthusiasts. The 1-testesterone is commonly classified as an androgen and helps in muscle strengthening. It has a distinctive chemical formula because of which it is very different from the testosterone produced by the human body. It is also popular in terms of its ranking as anabolic steroids. This drug is commonly comes under schedule 3 of the United States law, which states that it is a prescription only drug and cannot be consumed without doctor’s prescription. The body builders refrain from taking it as the reduced estrogenic activity from 1-T.

In some of the circumstances, if the man is diagnosed with hypogonadism- it is recommended for such people to take hormone replacement therapy. This applies the use of topical application of testosterone based products to do such kinds of therapies. There is no much distinction between the human hormone and the synthetically created hormone. The only distinction which comes between the two is the anabolic to androgenic ratio which is 200/100 in the case of 1-testesterone profile. The anabolic steroid is commonly defined as a steroid which is used to increase the metabolic performance or metabolism. The body-builders often misuse to increase the temporary muscle size. The androgenic is basically a compound which is used to preserve as well as maintains the development of male characteristics. Testosterone is the androgenic hormone which is responsible for the development of male characteristics such as deeper voice, growth of body and facial hair and stronger muscles. It was commonly used by body builders to increase the muscle size and enhance the strength capability of their muscles.

Because of its nature of androgenic ratio, the high doses doesn’t needs to be taken to get the positive outcomes in terms of consuming this kind of anabolic steroid. The 1-testosterone also comes with numerous side effects. In terms of the concepts, synthetically produced androgen whether oral or transdermal it may cause different side effects on the body. There are not much clear stances about the severity of side effects it does to the human body as side effects, but potential side effects may include cardiac and liver issues. The high dosage of androgens in long term can contribute to cardiac and liver issues such as tumours, cancers and liver toxicity. The non-prescript reduced estrogenic activity from 1-T may also contribute to number of health related issues in men which can cause severity and sickness for long term. The androgens have very powerful outcomes in terms of the statistics and results but should be consumed according to the prescribed dosages otherwise it can lead to negative situation which can be harmful for the human in terms of health issues. The dosages should also be properly monitored by the experts and medical physicians so as to track the dosage and result outcome ratio.

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