Martial Drills for a Better Life

Martial Drills for a Better Life

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Muay Thai a martial art practiced in Thailand as the national sport in Thailand and adopted in other parts of the world. Referred as the ‘art of eight limbs’ since it involves the use of eight body parts as weapons for defense. You use the shins, hands, knees, and elbow hence the name art of eight limbs.

Its Origins and History

The practice of this martial art system started hundreds of years ago fueled by a culture of physical contact combat. It would until the 1920’s when the martial art technique became famous and known to all. At that time there was the use of some features such as; time keeping, boxing gloves, boxing rings and division of bouts into rounds.

There was also an introduction of new fighting regulations adopted from the Western boxing world. In its, evolution, ground fighting and use of heads butt were eliminated. Before the availability of boxing gloves, contestants used to wrap their hand in leather strips or hemp ropes. To make the punches more painful and dangerous, they would mischievously add pieces of broken sea shell or glass to the wrappings.

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What Makes the Technique Unique?

The difference between Muay Thai and other martial arts drills is the emphasis on competition and sparring. If you have multiple targets such as developing self-confidence, having good health and competing in the ring, then this is the elite sport for you.

The technique has two divisions; the offensive technique which consists of kicking, punching, foot-thrust, elbow, knee, clinch and neck wrestling. And the defensive technique consists of avoidance, evasion, redirecting, blocking, anticipation and disruption.

The right Muay Thai training requires a professional trainer who will assist you in developing your skills from scratch. As much as you can learn these skills through different websites like YouTube videos as a beginner you require someone to watch you execute your techniques and give you a review of your performance. You can also join a one-month camp retreat to learn the practices.

You need a perfect instructor who will correct you wrong doings during the training process. Especially if you are a first-time learner, you require someone who will correct you and keep you on toes. The best thing about Muay Thai is that you will never stop learning.

Chief Benefits of the Practice

Muay Thai drills have many advantages, and regular exercises will improve your health. It will help your body to build muscles by burning off the fats hence becoming lean and fit. It improves on your senses capabilities hence making you more alert in any environment.

You get a relaxed mind throughout the day by improving the way you handle stressful situations. Your blood circulation improves, and trainees are less likely to suffer heart attacks. Finally, you will become a whole person in body, mind, and spirit through the discipline it offers you.

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