Know the right size of pleasure wear for you

Know the right size of pleasure wear for you

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Condoms are available in all sizes and shapes because no two penises are same. Men are needed to find the right size of condom in order to enjoy the full pleasure with their partner and to avoid the embarrassment due to slip or breakage of the condom. Wearing the wrong size of condom can be unsafe, unhealthy and uncomfortable for you. Traditionally, the condoms were available in the one-for-all sizes but now these are designed to custom fit to the men of all the sizes.  Generally, there are three main condom sizes which include small, medium and large size condom. If you are about to quick pick the condom, then you can look up for these general sizes otherwise look up for more detailed size of the condoms.

Find out what’s your size

If you do not know what your condom size is, then you can easily measure it at your home before buying the wrong sized condom. Length, width and circumference of your penis are the main factors that are essential for measuring the right condom size.  You should use the regular ruler or inch tape to know your measurements.  You can also refer to the condom size chart which is provided by the different condom brands. There are possibilities that the size chart of one condom brand varies from the other brand. So either you should stick to one brand for buying the condoms of you should check out the size chart every time when you change the brand to buy condoms.

 Thickness of the condom matters

 It is not only the length, width and circumference of the condom that should be checked while buying it. If you want to find condom sizes that best fits to you, you should also consider the thickness of the condom.  For the thinner penis, it is suggested to pick the thick condoms to provide better support to the girth while the men with thicker penis should buy the thinner condom to feel lighter and more comfortable.

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