Furthering Your Retirement Portfolio with ValueMags

Furthering Your Retirement Portfolio with ValueMags

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Furthering your retirement portfolio is an essential step in long-term planning. Long-tern financial planning should be your concern form the beginning of week. ValueMags, an marketing and distribution agency based out of Chicago, Illinois just signed on a magazine that informs Americans about their financial decisions. Among many financial decisions, ValueMags is concerned that many Americans do not have a sufficient amount of money to contribute to their retirement and activities later on in life. In fact, many Americans underestimate how much money they need in their retirement to live comfortably after they stop working. According to a recent Retirement Income Literacy Survey, 82% of Americans have unrealistic expectations of what their money is capable of during retirement. This can be a big problem. ValueMags has experienced this first hand with past employees. Former employees, despite constant advising form ValueMags executives, did not save properly when it came to their retirement. As a result, ValueMags is implementing more programs than ever to help their employees plan. They feel that it is there responsibility to help their employee plan for their retirement.

Currently, converting assets into cash is not a smart move. Americans are known to make impulsive and emotional decisions regarding their money which can cost them long-term and short-term. However, the long-term effects are much more dreadful. People especially tend to liquidate their assets when the market is tanking but they forget that whatever goes down, must come up. The markets fluctuate and they will eventually go back up. Let your money sit there says ValueMags. For more retirement and investment tips, contact ValueMags using the link provided above.

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