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Equipoise is a steroid which is one which is graded as animal grade steroid and is used for animals like horse and not used for humans. Many body builders are aware of this and the people who are new to body building are not aware of this fact. Medical professionals do not suggest the use of animal grade steroids but many athletes as well as bodybuilders use it.

Equipoise for gains

Equipoise, brand-name given to boldenone is popular and legally used Veterinary steroid. This steroid is not recommended for human beings and for enhancing performance or for building muscles. But many bodybuilders use this steroid for increasing their muscle mass, as this steroid gives good gains. There are two different molecues Boldenone and Boldenone Undecylenate.While many forms of Boldenone are seen in black market, each one has different molecule and one must check which one they are using. This steroid has Dihydrotestosterone which is androgenic in nature and is metabolite of testosterone. Basically these androgenic steroids are for treating horses. As it is designed for animals, the use by humans is illegal and if used can cause many side effects.

Benefits of using Equipoise

The use of animal steroids by athletics and bodybuilders is not safe. Though an individual can see results, there are side effects too. But many body builders take the risk as it helps in accelerating the growth of the muscles and gives anabolic benefits. Many body builders rate the steroid based on the anabolic as well as androgenic properties. Equipoise has 100/50. So, this steroid provides almost the same results like testosterone.

Usage of Equipoise and dose

Though this steroid is popular for its low androgenic properties, it comes it many side effects. It can promote the estrogen production in the body. Men have low levels of estrogen and good levels of testosterone, and women have high levels of estrogen and low levels of testosterone. When the estrogen levels are high in men in can lead to gynecomastia, bloating, water retention and this leads to weight gain and edema. One must be very cautious while using Equipoise. This comes in injectable form in 25mg per millilitre or 50 mg per millilitre and this is oil based. Best dose depends on many factors like age, weight height and in many cases, the dosage is guessed and used. Its better to start the cycle at low doses and then see how their body reacts. The drug can cause many side effects which are serious. For beginners its better to divide the dose into smaller doses and inject for a week. While many bodybuilders start at 200mg and few start at 400mg. Women should start this supplement at very low dose like at 50mg each week, and this steroid will not show immediate results. So one must not increase the dosage immediately and it can be stacked with Testosterone Cypionate, Test- Enanthate, Propionate and HGH, Dianabol, Anavar and Winstrol. Many body builders buy this steroid Equipoise in back market and it comes in different milligram strengths.

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